5 reasons why every business needs a great website

The past seven months have been a time of change for us all. Many of us will have stopped going to the office and now working remotely. Likewise, businesses have closed their premises and moved operations online. Internet shopping has become the norm for many of us as we try to avoid crowded public places. In fact, general online shopping has risen 30% since March. However, it isn’t just shops having to switch to online retail. All businesses are having to change the way they operate to meet changing needs. But how important is a website? You may think that your business is too small, or you don’t see the need for one. Here are just five reasons why every company needs a great website!

Add credibility to your business

A recent Global Online Consumer Report showed that 55% of people search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, with 47% visiting the company website. These statistics compare with just 26% checking out the physical store and 23% using friends’ recommendations. A great website is your chance to make an incredible first impression. It also allows you to showcase your services and stand out from the crowd.

Customer convenience

A great website will allow your potential customers to access your services at any time. Customers can research the company at their convenience. You can also make your workload lighter by including a FAQ page to stave off common questions your business may get.

Attract new business

85% of people will Google to find local businesses. Additionally, a great website with Search Engine Optimisation will show up on Google searches globally. Your website can grow along with your business if you wish to attract national or global clients and customers. Without a great website, you might not even be reaching local customers and clients!

Own your brand

You may think that your company only needs a presence on social media. Small businesses often use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as their sole online presence. Social media presence can help attract customers, get feedback and increase credibility. However, the business is bound by the rules of the platform. Essentially, you are renting the space from them. What if they restrict your profile, or delete your page? A great website can incorporate social media but also give a stable platform which you can use how you want.

Save costs

You might assume that a great new website will cost you too much. Moreover, you may worry about investing in a website in uncertain times. However, a website created by me could be a lot more cost-effective than you think. Websites offer a better return on investments than any other form of advertising. Instant communication with your clients and customers means less money spent on advertising. The websites can be low maintenance, meaning the website does all the hard work for you on a day to day basis. Additionally, the sales and revenue generated from a website can far exceed the cost of it.

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