Greener Futures – A Liverpool One Foundation Project

It was a real pleasure to work with Liverpool One Foundation on this video project, capturing all the amazing work in action. Lots of children and young adults across the Liverpool City Region are benefiting from this fantastic project through learning new skills, developing careers, caring for the environment, and making our region a better […]

Sulby Riverside

Sulby Riverside

The £40m Sulby Riverside project looks to bring a brand-new and exciting development to Ramsay, including new jobs, brand new homes and a state of the art gastropub. From initial brand identity to a consultation website where local residents can have their say, it was fantastic to be working with my old colleague Dougal Paver […]

5 reasons why every business needs a great website

The past seven months have been a time of change for us all. Many of us will have stopped going to the office and now working remotely. Likewise, businesses have closed their premises and moved operations online. Internet shopping has become the norm for many of us as we try to avoid crowded public places. […]


This is an audio and visual experiment that started as a continuous loop of notes fed through a little radio/cassette player before being resampled back in to Logic where I later added more layers of sound. The tape distortion has a beautiful lo-fi texture which is difficult to recreate using digital effects.

Halifax Howard

Halifax Howard

A short video for Walmoor starring Howard Brown, the famous face from the many Halifax advert campaigns, who’s now helping other successful business across the UK. A real pleasure to work with him again and to help create a nice light-hearted piece to help Walmoor with their business loans campaign. Mike.

Elizabeth & Dan

Elizabeth & Daniel

It was a real pleasure to be invited to photography Liz and Dan’s wedding day. Hawarden was the perfect backdrop on such a beautiful summer’s day.

Tackling Homelessness in Liverpool City Region

A short video that showcases the work of the Community Foundation for Merseyside to try and tackle homelessness within the Liverpool City Region. A huge thank you to Charlotte and Danny for their contribution in this video.


Created using various guitars, synths and analog tape effects and some statues at the Walker Art Gallery and Flint cemetery, filmed on an iPhone and psychedelically mashed in FCPX. Mike.


I visit so many different places to film or photograph in the hope of catching some beautiful light or a certain magic in the atmosphere and adding sound to that seems like a natural part of the process. This creative urge eventually emerges as cinematic ambient pieces involving me noodling with vintage synths, guitars and […]