Music for Podcasts – The Spooky Stuff

We all love a good mystery, and if like me, you like true crime stories there’s a chance you’re listening to the latest podcasts. If not, they’re the audio equivalent of binge-watching a really good Netflix series knowing you should’ve gone to bed ten hours ago.

My podcast fascination started when a friend sent me a link to S-Town and then Serial before before discovering cold case mysteries like the superbly presented Bear Brook, which actually helped solve the Allenstown Four Murders and changed the way murders are investigated forever.

One thing that really stands out for me on all of these podcasts is the music and soundscape production that perfectly capture the essence of the stories, adding a deep level of dark intrigue and a real sense of unease.

Death In Ice Valley is another great example, notably for the atmospheric theme music by Phil Channell, which starts with the sound an ethereal female voice swirling around some dark synth pads as the rain falls in the background, creating an eerie atmosphere as Marit Higraff and Neil McCarthy unravel the story of an unknown woman, who’s body was discovered in a remote valley just outside of Bergen in 1970. Fans of the podcast’s facebook page were also drawn to the soundtrack, asking if it was available to purchase. So, it seems that I’m not the only one who appreciates the efforts of creating such an important element to a great story, and after listening to some other podcasts, they don’t always get this bit quite right, which can make all the difference.



As an artist, music has always played a huge part in my life where I’ve always felt the need to sing or play along with whatever instrument I liked the sound of, so producing my own music and soundscapes to coincide with my visual work will manifest through guitars, synths, effects, old radios, analog tapes and field recordings, which coincidentally, I can also imagine working really well with some of my favourite podcasts…

well, maybe one day…

Thanks for listening!