Looking Flash

For many years I’ve been assisting Delifonseca with their promotional photography. Candice Fonseca is a passionate foodie and always keen for her brand to look the part, which has given me many opportunities to capture some great images for my portfolio including her Christmas hamper promotions.

This year I decided to use the Phottix Odin II system and create some festive magic with a couple of flashes set up in the empty office space next to their Dockside restaurant. Previously I’ve always kept it quite simple, but this year I wanted to make them feel a bit more warm and festive. Along with some Christmas tree lights, I added an orange gel to my background flash and set up my foreground flash with an octabox creating a nice separation between the products and my festive background. Shooting them using the 70-200 helped create some distance and some nice bokeh effects.

It goes to show you can set up a studio pretty much anywhere and create some magic.

Nikon D750
Nikon 70-200mm VRII
Metz Magablitz 64 AF-1
Rogue flash grid and gels
Godox octagon softbox
PowerPort Duo 1000 Battery Pack