Sulby Riverside

The £40m Sulby Riverside project looks to bring a brand-new and exciting development to Ramsay, including new jobs, brand new homes and a state of the art gastropub. From initial brand identity to a consultation website where local residents can have their say, it was fantastic to be working with my old colleague Dougal Paver again at, who’s been overseeing this project through the website that I designed to help collect the feedback from the initial proposals, and the reaction has been resoundingly positive.

The brand’s look is reflective of the natural beauty of the region upon which the new development will nestle between the Sulby River and the northern hills. Creating a swan for the S-shape seemed like a fitting device, which also includes the use of classic serif font to make the project feel more traditional, trustworthy and solid. I’m sure it will translate really well to all the marketing and extended branded materials.

This project looks really exciting and I’ll be keeping a close eye on how it’s looking as it grows into a beautiful living space.